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Additional Information

Cancellation of Event

You will be reimbursed in excess of the deductible, for all deposits forfeited and other charges paid or contracted to be paid for your event because of necessary cancellation or postponement.

Additional Expenses

You will be covered for expenses that are incurred to avoid cancellation or postponement of the event.

Photographer and Videographer

You are covered due to non-appearance of your wedding professional, as well as, loss or damage to your media before received by you.


You will be reimbursed if your gifts are lost or damaged 7 days before or after the event while at an insured residence, your event space, in transit between locations or with entrusted third party.


Your gown, suit or tux will be covered if lost, stolen or damaged  prior to and during the event.


If your wedding day jewelry (not including engagement rings) are lost or damaged within 7 days prior to the event.

Cessation of Operations

If your wedding professionals cease operations prior to the event and deposits are non-refundable, you will be covered.